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New vehicle delays

Update on the situation in Ukraine

Volkswagen Financial Services is greatly concerned and dismayed at the news of the war in Ukraine. We sincerely hope for peace to be restored as soon as possible.

The Volkswagen AG Group Board of Management has set up a crisis management team to determine the possible impact of the war on the company on an ongoing basis.

A financial donation to the United Nations Refugee Agency has been made, with further announcements of both financial and logistical humanitarian support from the Volkswagen Group AG.

Update on delivery times

Whilst our primary concern is for the safety of the local people and our colleagues in the region, the hostilities have disrupted supply of components from Ukraine. We are working hard to find alternative supply lines for these critical components.

This comes on top of existing component shortages, and in particular those relating to semi-conductor chips.

This is impacting our production capacity and means delivery times for some of our model lines are longer than we would normally expect.

We have options available for you to continue driving your existing vehicle until a new one becomes available. We advise you to contact your local retailer in the first instance to find out more.

Please find FAQs below which answer the most common queries