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Volkswagen Bank 

United Kingdom Branch

Coronavirus Update

As of today, 17th March 2020, Volkswagen Bank United Kingdom Branch (VWB UK) has taken the necessary action to protect the health & welfare of our employees, safeguard the continuity of critical services and maintain alignment with Government advice, by instructing all employees to work from home for the foreseeable future.

In preparation for this decision, over the past few weeks VWB UK has extensively tested the capability to work from home. All business continuity and disaster recovery plans are tested on a regular basis.

To continue to support our customers during this period, changes to the VWB UK operating model is necessary; below are the key changes to our Customer Service and Credit Assessment functions (information on other functions will be reviewed upon request):

  • In order to manage this unprecedented situation, VWB UK has taken the decision to close inbound Customer Service calls which will enable the Customer Service team to continue to prioritise critical processes; for any Customer Services related matters, please contact the team via email
  • For any Credit Assessment related matters, please utilise the contact options for your designated Credit Manager; we ask any general enquiries to be issued via email in the first instance
  • Other VWB UK functions continue to maintain normal operations

VWB UK will endeavour to maintain the typical service levels which our customers are used to; however, we ask that our customers be patient with VWB UK in this challenging time, and utilise the contact methods provided.

A partner for your success

Volkswagen Bank has been helping you to succeed for over 60 years and today we work with over 700 Retailers in the UK to provide support to all Brands within Volkswagen Group – including the premium marques Porsche, Bentley and Lamborghini.

We know the partnership you have with your bank is one of the most important professional relationships you’ll ever have. So, our aims are simple: to make your working life easier, and to help make your business more profitable.

We’re constantly evolving to ensure we can provide you with a better service and new products to help give you the competitive edge.

This website is intended for use only by Franchised Retailers of Volkswagen Group United Kingdom Limited, and Porsche Cars Great Britain Limited situated within the United Kingdom and the Channel Islands.