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Business Banking Online is an online portal where you can view, access and manage all Volkswagen Bank products. Access to Business Banking Online is available 24/7 so you can manage your account how you want, where you want.

Once vehicles are funded with Volkswagen Bank, all stock will be visible on the Funding Manager screens. Vehicle stock management can be administered from here, along with the necessary paperwork and documentation for any vehicle funded.

In addition, you can review your Term Loan products and all monetary transactions within Netting Account and Cash Accounts through this facility.

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Coronavirus Update

Due to COVID-19 Volkswagen Bank United Kingdom Branch (VWB UK) has taken the necessary action to protect the health and welfare of our employees, safeguard the continuity of critical services and maintain alignment with Government advice, by instructing all employees to work from home for the foreseeable future.

Our phone lines remain open to support our customers during this period, so please use the details on our contact us page to speak to a member of our Customer Services team.

VWB UK will endeavour to maintain the typical service levels which our customers are used to; however, we ask that our customers be patient with VWB UK in this challenging time.

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