Solutions Personal Contract Plan (PCP)

A PCP Agreement is our most flexible finance plan and is available to both personal and business customers, but not for hire and reward purposes.* 

How does a Solutions PCP work?


Before your agreement begins, you have four simple decisions to make, each one contributes to the amount that you will need to pay back each month. 


1. What vehicle would you like?

   Visit your local retailer or explore our range of vehicles online. 

2. How much would you like to pay as a deposit?

  There is no minimum required but there are maximum restrictions.

  You can even trade in your current vehicle as a deposit.

3. How many miles will you drive each year?

   This must be between 5,000 - 30,000.

4. What contract term best suits you? 

  Choose a term between 18 and 49 months. 


Once you have made these decisions, we will then calculate a monthly repayment amount and the optional final balloon payment. The optional balloon payment is a lump sum that can be paid, alongside the option to purchase fee to settle your finance agreement, if you decided you would like to own the vehicle. 

                        Please refer to 'When your agreement comes to an end' for more information and alternative options.

Solutions PCP Product Information Guide

What happens once your agreement has started?

- You pay back your monthly repayments over the period you agreed at the start of your agreement.

-To keep enjoying your vehicle, you need to keep up to date with your monthly repayments. Failure to do so can impact rating and result with the vehicle being repossessed. If you are experiencing any money struggles, please contact us on: 0800 912 3558 so we can discuss what options may be available. 

-If you want to end your agreement early, you can request a settlement quote. How far into your agreement you are will affect the amount left to pay. 

When your agreement comes to an end, you have four options: 

1. If your vehicle has significantly depreciated or you no longer wish to drive it you can simply return it and pay the £10 option to purchase fee. This is subject to being within BVRLA wear and tear guidelines and if there is any excess mileage, then charges will apply.

2. You can trade your old vehicle in for a new one. Your old vehicle is sold back to the dealer and is used to pay off your optional final balloon payment. Any money left over can be used as a deposit on your new vehicle (subject to application and approval).

3. Alternatively, you can become the proud owner of your vehicle by paying what is left (optional final balloon payment + £10 option to purchase fee).

4. If you would like to keep the vehicle, without settling the optional final balloon payment, you may be able to refinance the outstanding amount. Just ask your Retailer for more information. 

The benefits of Solutions PCP

Payment Option

You don't need to pay a deposit if you don't want to. However, if you choose not to you are likely to pay more in interest charges^.

Get a new vehicle more often

The flexibility built into your agreement means you can change your vehicle regularly.

Guaranteed Minimum Future Value (GMFV) 

PCP agreements offer a GMFV on your vehicle at the end of your finance term. This means you are protected against depreciation should the market value of your vehicle change more than predicted. 

Agreement term to suit you

You can choose how long your agreement lasts to suit your budget.

If Solutions PCP is the right right product for you, you now need to find the perfect vehicle!

At Volkswagen Financial Services we work with all the brands of the Volkswagen Group, so you can be sure to find the right vehicle from the range of brands below:     

Looking to finance a used car instead? heycar feature the best used cars from selected dealers. With a wide range of models and a cchoice of finance options available you can say goodbye to stressful searching, heycare are there to make it easier and more enjoyable. 


Terms and Conditions: 

*i.e. taxis, driving school, body-shop usage, long term sub-let agreements (> 1 month) or replacement vehicle insurance claim business. 

^This is subject to status. An offer of finance depends on certain conditions. Available to 18s and over in the UK only. Terms and conditions apply. Volkswagen Financial Services. 

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