Mobility Solutions

Mobility Solutions

Find out how we are changing the future of transportation 

The world is changing, and Volkswagen Group is leading the way

Self-driving vehicles. e-mobility and digital networking. At Volkswagen Group, we're redefining the future of mobility. Our goal: to make our cities cleaner, more efficient, and more human.

What is Mobility?

As the world changes, so will the way we get around it. Mobility is the word coined to describe the future of transportation services, and is much more than just connected cars. 

Mobility will be using your smart phone to locate, hire, unlock and drive away vehicles in an instance, subscribing to services as opposed to buying vehicles, using data to direct traffic and ease congestion, right through to a single app to book your train tickets, flights, and taxis. 

We are starting to see this exist in everyday life already, but the future is even more exciting, and we at Volkswagen Group are looking to lead the way. 

Is an Electric Vehicle right for you?

Now could be the right time to switch to an electric, hybrid or low emission vehicle from a traditional diesel or petrol. With the rapid development of electric vehicles from range to technology, an EV could be right for you.

Answer some quick questions using our EV-4-ME? Tool to discover your car for the future.


Mobility is about quality of life – and Volkswagen’s start-up business,
MOIA, isn’t just another car-sharing company or transportation lab.

Standing for individual mobility for everyone, MOIA creates and offers mobility solutions that make our cities more liveable, more beautiful and safer – for everyone. MOIA gets things moving.

Looking to make peoples lives easier and happier using the information around us with new vehicle concepts and intelligent algorithms.

Discover PayByPhone 

PayByPhone allows drivers to pay for their parking in seconds using just their mobile phone.

By sending reminders prior to a parking session expiring, and by giving drivers the ability to extend a parking session from anywhere, PayByPhone's mobile app streamlines the parking process while creating a worry-free experience.

Through PayByPhone's partnership with over 35 local authorities and 17 private operators, we've enhanced the parking experience across the United Kingdom, and have kept mobility at the heart of our priorities.