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Cookies Policy

Our cookies policy is clear

A cookie is a small file, typically of letters and numbers, downloaded on to a device or say a PC when the user accesses certain websites. For more information you can visit a website which fully details how they operate. This is a fully independent consumer help website.

For specific information about how cookies are handled on your own PC or Internet enabled device, or how you control the use of cookies, you will need to consult the user guides or instructions held within your PC device operating instructions or user help instructions held within your specific Internet browser software itself.  

New Legislation

The 2003 Regulations implemented a European Directive - 2002/58/EC aimed to protect customer privacy in the electronic communications sector and amended in 2009. This included the E-Privacy Directive requiring consent for storage or access to information stored on a subscriber or users equipment to obtain consent for cookies.

In May 2011 the existing rules were amended applying to cookies and also to similar technologies for storing information. Under the revised Regulations the requirement is not just to provide clear information about cookies used by a website but also to obtain consent from users to store a cookie on their device.

Our Cookies

For full information on the cookies we use on this site, please visit: Adobe Analytics Cookies