How driving an electric car impacts the environment

Are electric cars better for the environment?

In a nutshell the evidence is pretty clear that electric cars are better for the environment. When on the road electric cars make the environment cleaner and quieter too, in comparison to petrol or diesel counterparts.

As electric cars become more mainstream, better battery recycling schemes and improvements to battery manufacturing are expected along with improved clean energy generation which will then mean electric cars reach the full benefit of their green potential.

Once an electric car begins its life on the roads the majority of the car's emissions have already been produced; whereas with combustion engines emission production is just beginning.

How are electric cars better for the environment?

Electric cars are designed to minimise their impact on the environment and are an important step in sustainable transportation. While the numbers still remain relatively low – sales of electric cars have begun to grow rapidly and are having a positive impact on reducing the average automotive emissions in the UK.

From the moment an electric car hits the road there are zero tailpipe emissions, since the majority of emissions have already been produced. The vehicle will still produce a small amount of pollution from tyre and brake particles. The real environmental impact occurs before an electric car has left the factory due to the emissions produced through manufacturing and energy production.

Many motor manufacturers have commited to reducing the impact of manufacturing and energy production, with Volkswagen Group for one, committed to becoming carbon-neutral company by 2050. Click here to find out more.


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