Whistleblower System

Welcome to the Volkswagen Financial Services UK Whistle-blower System homepage

Complying with statutory regulations and internal rules is top priority at Volkswagen Financial Services UK (VWFS) and we are committed to the highest standards of openness, propriety and accountability. In line with that commitment we encourage our employees to come forward with any serious regulatory concerns on the basis of having reasonable suspicion.

It is important to VWFS that any fraud, misconduct or wrongdoing is reported and is properly dealt with.

Whistle-blowing is where legitimate concerns are raised which are considered to be in the public interest and relates to the following types of concerns:

  • A criminal offence;
  • A miscarriage of justice;
  • An act which presents a risk to health and safety;
  • An act causing damage to the environment;
  • A breach of internal regulation e.g. Code of Conduct or contractual obligations
  • A breach of other legal/ regulatory obligation;
  • Concealment of any of the above

It is not necessary for the person raising the issue to have proof that the act is being, has been or is likely to be committed – a reasonable belief is sufficient. Once the issue has been raised, VWFS will investigate the matter fully and take appropriate action where required.

VWFS therefore encourages all individuals to raise any concerns that they may have about the conduct of others in the company, or the way in which the business is run.

 It is understandable that Whistle-blowers, persons implicated and employees contributing to an investigation may be worried about possible repercussions.  VWFS can provide assurance that an investigation is only initiated after very careful examination of the facts and reasonable suspicion of a regulatory violation. There will be strict confidentiality and secrecy throughout the investigative process. Information will be reviewed fairly, promptly and in a sensitive manner.  Whistle-blowers who raise a genuine concern will not receive any detrimental treatment as a result of raising a concern in good faith and will be supported even if they turn out to be mistaken.

Anyone raising a whistle-blowing concern can report this anonymously as well as have their personal information removed at a later date, if the request is accepted. We can only remove any reference to your personal data and will not delete the submission in its entirety where it relates to other individuals. VWFS has a regulatory obligation to investigate any allegations of wrongdoing and must maintain our records in order to do so.

Please be advised that the Whistle-blower System cannot be used to process customer complaints.

Do you have any concern or feedback regarding a VWFS service? 

If you have any questions or inquiries regarding the services of VWFS, please contact our Customer Resolutions Department

Find more information on the procedural principles of the Volkswagen Group Complaints Procedure here.  

How do I raise a whistle-blowing concern?

VWFS uses NAVEX to enable staff to report concerns. They are a confidential, independent and impartial company that is free to call and will give total anonymity if required. As NAVEX is a completely independent organisation, they employ impartial staff to handle these types of calls. Calls can be made in total confidence knowing that their call will not be traced or recorded.

NAVEX can be contacted from any phone in the UK, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day

Telephone: 0800 890011 by telephone in the UK (At the English prompt dial 833 672 1494)

Website: www.vwfs.ethicspoint.com

This can best be viewed by using Google Chrome

NAVEX provides a unique ‘report key’ and password to make it easy for individuals to provide further information by telephone, website or mobile app. if they wish.


External Disclosure

In some circumstances it may be appropriate for concerns to be reported to an external regulator. The independent whistle-blowing charity, Protect (formally known as Public Concern at Work), operates a confidential helpline. They also have a list of prescribed regulators for reporting certain types of concern.  Protect can be contacted by

Telephone: 020 3117 2520

Website: http://protect-advice.org.uk/

Ombudspersons of the Volkswagen Group

The Volkswagen Group have appointed two external lawyers who can act as a contact point for Whistle-blowers that wish to remain completely anonymous. These individuals are obliged to maintain professional confidentiality and will accept reports of potential Whistle-blowing disclosures.

If you want to get in contact with the Ombudspersons you can find their contact details on the following homepage: http://www.ombudsmen-of-volkswagen.com/

Do you have further questions?

Questions or suggestions concerning the Whistle-blower System can be addressed to the Compliance Manager at:

E-mail: (compliancepolicy@vwfs.co.uk)

If you have been interviewed regarding a whistle-blowing concern, you may provide feedback to the Ombudsmen (lawyers) as an independent body.