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Ending your agreement early

Your options will vary depending on your agreement - please find the infomation for your product below 

Your local retailer

No matter what finance agreement you have with us, if you are looking at replacing your current vehicle we recommend speaking to your local retailer for more information first. They will be able to support you through the process and provide all the expertise you need for a smooth journey. You can find the right one for you using the brand links below: 

Solutions (PCP), Lease Purchase and Hire Purchase

If you are thinking of ending your PCP, Hire Purchase or Lease Purchase agreement early you can obtain a settlement quote instantly by logging into your online account. All you have to do is choose your brand below: 

Alternatively, you can obtain a settlement quote instantly by calling our automated Settlements Line on 0330 100 8926, which is available 24/7. Please make sure you have your agreement number, a pen and paper to hand (your agreement number is the long number on your agreement paperwork beginning 0000440). A copy of your settlement figure will be posted to you.

Contract Hire

If you are you thinking of ending your Contract Hire agreement sooner than the agreed end date, we can provide you with an Early Termination quotation to help bring your contract to a close.

The quotation is based on a percentage of the remaining balance left to pay on your agreement, this can be between 45-75% depending on the length of your agreement and at which point of the agreement you are currently at.

You can view your quote instantly by logging into your online account. Simply choose the correct brand for you below: 

Alternatively you can use our Contract Hire Early Termination quote form  and we will be in touch.

Once the Early Termination amount has been paid, our collection agents will be in contact to arrange a convenient time for your vehicle to be inspected and collected.

Please note, if you do go ahead with the Early Termination, your mileage allowance will be prorated and you may incur excess mileage charges as a result. 

Finance Lease

If you are you thinking of ending your Finance Lease agreement sooner than the agreed contract end date, the process is no different to if you get to the end of your agreement. All the details you need can be found on our what to do at the end of your agreement page