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VWFS has a range of purchase and leasing products to cater for all needs

Purchasing v Hiring

The first thing to consider is the type of product which is suitable for your situation. They are split into two main categories; those which enable to you to purchase the vehicle outright, and those where you hire the vehicle so have no ownership option.


For those who want the option of owning the vehicle at the end, our purchase products are designed to give you flexibility and help you buy a vehicle outright. 

Purchase Products


For those who dont want the hassle of ownership a hire, or leasing, agreement is designed to still enable you to drive a new vehicle.

Hire Products

We want to make sure you can enjoy your new vehicle without having to worry about your finance agreement. You are able to log in and manage your account online by simply clicking your cars manufacturer below: 

Just got a quick question?

Find all the information you need to get by day-to-day right here:                                                                                                                    

Update your personal details

If you have moved house, amended your contact details or changed your name, you can let us know here.

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Travelling Abroad?

Depending on what finance agreement you have, will affect what you need to do if you are taking your car abroad. 

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Request Changes to your agreement

Want to change your direct debit details? Need a new payment date? Thats fine, you can find all the information you need here.

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Making a partial payment

Depending on your finance product, you may be able to make a lump sum payment to reduce your agreement term or monthly payments.

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Statement Request

Want a copy of your annual stament? Or need a Statement of Account, VAT schedule or Amortisation statement?

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Having Financial Difficulties? 

If you are struggling with your monthly payments, we may be able to help relieve the pressure. 

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