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  • Jul 6, 2023
  • 3 Minutes

Simple checks to keep you vehicle in top condition

To keep our cars safe on the road, we need to take care of them off the road. The current cost of living crisis means many of us are feeling the pinch and are looking for ways to save the pennies.

Regular and correct vehicle maintenance helps your car lost longer, saving you money in the longer term. Follow these easy vehicle checks to help keep your car in tip top condition.

Don’t ignore the flash on the dash

We all get used to our cars after driving them for a while. Be vigilant when you’re driving and don’t ignore any unusual smells, sounds or signs. Get anything out of the ordinary checked out sooner rather than later so minor problems don’t turn into major ones.

Warning lights are there for a reason, don’t ignore them! Swot up on what each one means, and act fast to prevent more serious, costly, and potentially dangerous issues materialising.

Keep an eye on fluid levels

Just like humans, cars need to stay hydrated to function properly. The engine is crucial to keeping your car moving safely, so make time every fortnight or so to lift the bonnet and check the levels of your engine oil, engine coolant and hydraulic brake fluid.

Give your mirrors and lights a check

Mirror, signal, manoeuvre is a saying we’ll all be familiar with from our days of learning to drive. When checking regularly, keep your mirrors and lights squeaky clean for optimum visibility and if they have any signs of damage, get them checked out at your local garage.

When checking your lights, park your car in a safe space, turn on your lights and walk around your vehicle to confirm they’re fully functioning.

Keep it clean 

A sparkling exterior isn’t the only benefit of keeping your car clean. It might not be your favourite weekend job, but a regular wash stops the build-up of nasty grit and dirt, which if left alone can cause car parts to corrode.  

For those drivers with their own garage, make space to park your vehicle inside it to shield it from the elements.

Give your tyres extra love

Without tyres your car won’t go anywhere, so it’s essential they’re given extra attention and care.

Make sure they’re inflated properly (you’ll find the recommended air pressure in your vehicle’s handbook) and be extra aware when driving on extreme or uneven terrain. Regularly check your tyres for cuts and bulges and get them replaced as soon as you notice any damage. The cost and inconvenience of a change is much better than a potential breakdown.

Read up on your vehicle’s handbook

It’s probably not your preferred bedtime reading but spending some time with your vehicle handbook will unearth lots of useful information about your car. If you have the chance, leaf through it to understand in more detail how you can maintain your vehicle properly.

Prioritise regular services

Last but by no means least, make sure your car has a regular date with the professionals. Home checks will help identify niggles before they materialise, but services are essential for maintaining your car and helping it last longer. To spread the cost and avoid unwanted and unplanned repairs, consider investing in a car service plan.

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