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Payment Deferrals

Important information

From 1 April 2021, you are only able to apply for a further payment deferral for payments up to and including 31 July 2021 provided that your deferrals cover consecutive periods and you otherwise satisfy the eligibility criteria for a further payment deferral. This means that you are not able to receive a payment deferral after 31 March 2021 unless you are already benefitting from a payment deferral at the time that you make your request for an extension. 

Applying for a payment deferral

To make sure we provide the best support for you at this time please carefully read the following guidelines around eligibility for payment deferrals.

You can apply for a payment deferral if you meet both of the following criteria:

1) You require immediate and temporary financial support to help you deal with short-term financial difficulties as a result of COVID-19;

2) Your finance agreement with us is as a private individual, sole trader, or partnership;

For any general questions you may have about payment deferrals we have created a specific section of FAQs further down this page.

If you are eligible for a payment deferral and would like to apply you can use the Payment Deferral request form. 

If you do not meet these eligibility criteria please do not be concerned, we are still here to help and have other tailored support options which could be more suited. Please review our FAQ section below for further information before completing the financial difficulties form and we will be in touch.

E-signing your modifying agreement

Once your payment deferral has been approved we will email an invitation to you from our e-signature platform Scrive, to e-sign a modifying agreement  – this is needed to action your request for a payment deferral. You can download a complete guide on how to e-sign your agreement below, and also see the FAQs specifically related to e-signature. 

Payment deferral FAQs