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  • Mar 7, 2019
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The latest car technology trends

Today’s cars come loaded with technology to keep us connected, safe and heading in the right direction. What are the hottest tech trends in the automotive world right now, and where will they go next?

Electric Vehicles and Alternative Fuel Vehicles

Electric vehicles (EVs) and alternatively fuelled vehicles (AFVs) are the big news of the moment. Ever-stricter climate and pollution targets mean the automotive industry is endeavouring to further reduce overall tailpipe emissions, while motorists constantly strive for lower running costs.

With sales of fully electric vehicles, hybrids and plug-in hybrids rising annually – and the decline of that previous go-to economy fuel, diesel – the popularity of cars that use battery power is growing. Other forms of alternative propulsion are also being extensively developed, including the use of hydrogen/fuel-cell power.

Alongside the research into and development of the vehicles themselves comes an increasingly established infrastructure.

Compatible hydrogen refuelling and mains charging points are appearing on highway and street networks.

Meanwhile, the distance an EV will travel on a single charge is rising with each new model, making the transition from traditional to new tech much more viable for the average motorist.


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